Remote Screening Made Easy: The Latest in JazzHR's Interview Scheduling

Interviewing is one of the most important steps in the hiring process.

But between scheduling, tracking notes, and collaborating on the next steps, it can often be time-consuming and ineffective—especially when it's done remotely.

On Wednesday, April 14th at 2pm EST, join JazzHR experts Rachel Perry, Customer Success Manager, and Kelly Peters, Content and Communications Manager to refresh your knowledge on JazzHR's Interview Scheduling and get a sneak peek of the latest functionalities. 

Featured Speakers:
Kelly Peters
Manager, Communications & Content
Rachel Perry
Customer Success Manager
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Learn how JazzHR's suite of interview tools can help you to streamline this step of your recruiting process with features like:
  • Video Integrations: Seamlessly share video conference links with candidates using integrations with calendar providers, including an upcoming one with Zoom!
  • Candidate Self-Scheduling: Save time and improve the job seeker experience by having candidates schedule their own interviews in JazzHR.
  • Interview Sessions: Create a cohesive interview experience by scheduling multiple interviews at once.
  • Interview Guides: Centralize your hiring team's feedback for enhanced remote collaboration.

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