Product Deep Dive

Make More Informed Hiring Decisions with Pre-Employment Testing

Mark your calendar for this month's Deep Dive Webinar to learn how pre-employment testing can revolutionize your recruiting process. JazzHR experts Jonathan Muller, Director of Product, and Brenna Walsh, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, are thrilled to introduce our latest partner, Criteria Corp, and to discuss how seamlessly assessments can be integrated in your hiring process to accelerate your time to hire.

Featured Speakers:
Megan McCurdy
Customer Success Manager
Brenna Walsh
Lifecycle Marketing Manager
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Learn the following:
  • Compare top candidates faster than ever and narrow down your pipeline
  • Evaluate candidates in your pipeline to get objective data to empower your hiring teams
  • Measure cultural fit early and often to increase employee retention and cultivate confidence in new hires
  • Get a sneak peek of upcoming assessment partners and the JazzHR marketplace

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