Extra support to help guide your success


Dedicated Account Manager

We've got your back! Our product experts are here to help you navigate the ever-evolving recruiting ecosystem.


Personalized Expert Help

Receive two 30-minute calls per quarter with your Dedicated Account Manager to ensure you’re using JazzHR to the fullest extent.


Exclusive Beta Invitations

You'll help influence future product releases and conduct usability tests with early access to our newest features.

In Their own words

Crucial to our success!

"Our account manager is worth every penny! We have saved at least 6 hours of time that would have been spent training our team, and we're seeing encouraging overall utilization across all hiring managers."

Jen from Avian

Add-on Module Pricing

You can add Dedicated Account Management functionality to our Hero, Plus, or Pro Plan.

Dedicated Account Manager
A go-to person for anything regarding your account.
on monthly plan

Add this module to:

Hero, Plus, or Pro Plan
This module includes:
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Two 30-minute calls per quarter
  • Hiring Manager Training
  • Exclusive beta invitations

Your Partner in Strategic Hiring

Achieve your hiring and recruiting goals through personalizing guidance from a Dedicated Account Manager.