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Scheduling in JazzHR: Introducing Interview Sessions
Join us for this month's Deep Dive Webinar where JazzHR gurus Jonathan Muller, Director of Product and Brenna Walsh, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, will walk through the latest release: Interview Sessions. This hour will be info-packed with tips for making the most of the improved interview scheduling system so you can go forth, conquer your calendars, and coordinate interviews with ease.
Find Candidates Faster with New Candidate List & Search
Our team has been hard at work improving the candidate list and search functionality in JazzHR so that you can find candidates faster. Our Product Manager, John Volpe, and Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Brenna Walsh, are excited to debut these updates and discuss all of the ways they will streamline your daily tasks in JazzHR.
Manage Your Team with JazzHR's Roles and Privileges
Do you wish your team would be more active in JazzHR, screening candidates and leaving notes and feedback? Let us help you get there before the end of 2018! JazzHR can foster collaboration amongst your team when you leverage our 6 different recruiting roles to add your team into your JazzHR account.
Introducing the New Candidate Profile & Merge
We've heard your feedback loud and clear, and we're excited to introduce some updates to the candidate profile and merge functionality within JazzHR!
Using Integrations to Source & Manage Candidates
If you're unfamiliar with our current integrated partners, this webinar will be a crash course in optimizing integrations within your JazzHR account. We'll also be sharing some learnings and best practices for those who may have already taken the jump into integrations.
3 Scrappy Ways to Source
We're continuing our summer sourcing series with our next installment: 3 Scrappy Ways to Source. We'll talk about organizing your candidate database so you can keep an engaged pipeline, posting your jobs on local job boards, and using your brand to recruit the right talent.
Refresh your Sourcing Strategy
Candidate flow is the #1 problem for small businesses. If you're not getting enough candidates, or enough quality candidates, it might be time to rethink your sourcing strategy.
Introducing Workflow Reporting
Data-driven recruiting has become more and more of a necessity in today’s HR world. Even if you’re a one-person HR or recruiting team in a small business, you’re often expected to consistently report on key recruiting metrics.
Craft the Perfect Candidate Experience
Building the perfect candidate experience takes time and effort but pays off when you start seeing an increase in candidate quality and flow.
Build a Talent Pipeline
Are you recruiting ahead of your needs? Nurturing potential hires can be time consuming and requires some organization. In this deep dive, we'll cover how you can track, organize, and communicate with candidates you have in mind for future roles.
Even Easier Ways to Request Referrals
Referral hires are proven to stay longer, be more engaged, and cost less to hire. Building your referral program can be a challenge, but with the right tech in place, it gets much easier.
Control and Manage your Teams
Did you know JazzHR has over six different recruiting roles and you can add unlimited people to your account? We built JazzHR this way to foster collaboration and encourage teams to share in the hiring process.
Save Time Sourcing - Start Building your Pipeline
If you're spending time refreshing your screen, waiting for the little blue candidates number in Jazz to start going up--it might be time to start building out your pipeline.
Tips & Tricks: Level Up your JazzHR Skills
Over the year, we gather all the best practices from our customers and Customer Success team and bring them to you in a fun-filled hour of learning to improve your JazzHR knowledge.
5 Ways to End Your Recruiting Black Hole
Have you ever applied to one of your own jobs? If so, were you pleased with the experience? Highly qualified talent is in demand and losing the perfect candidate to lack of communication is a serious recruiting issue. We're here to help you keep those black holes in space and out of HR.
Simple Steps to Build a Magnetic Career Page
A good careers page shows off your benefits, your culture, your brand. If you’re proud of where you work and you want candidates as hard-working as you are, then having the perfect career page is not negotiable.
Introducing Job Approvals
Every department in your company their own interest in the recruiting process, and supporting their needs can be difficult and often require several different systems.
Top 5 Tricks to Grow your Candidate Pool
Maintaining the flow of candidates to make sure jobs are filled quickly with the right people is one of the toughest challenges in recruiting. We're here to help guide you through some of our tips and tricks to make sure you're getting the most out of the job boards.
Build Better Candidate Relationships
Don’t start your candidate relationships on the wrong foot by ghosting or mismanaging expectations. In today’s competitive job market, your candidate experience means everything to a potential hire AND your reputation.
Increase Productivity with Hiring Workflows
Optimizing your recruiting process can seem like a insurmountable task to be indefinitely pushed off, but we're here to sherpa you through building the perfect workflow and automating busywork to keep you focused on what you do best: hiring great candidates.
Train your Team: Hiring Manager How-Tos
Hiring is a collaborative endeavor and if you're not getting the feedback on candidates you so sorely need, you're not on the right path to making the best hires.
Build Better Candidate Relationships
Reducing friction in the hiring process leads to a better candidate experience and a faster time to hire. Learn how to help speed up your process with JazzHR's fully integrated eSignatures.
New Roles & Privileges
Roles in the hiring process have changed. You expect more. Your team expects more. Everyone wants to have influence on the next hire, not just one person with an old spreadsheet.
Tips & Tricks III: Put Process in Place
It's that time again--the time of year where you start reviewing your performance, making resolutions, and planning your attack for the year ahead. 
Make Hiring Automagical with Workflows
Workflows, these every day helpers automate some of the most tedious hiring tasks making life easier, more enjoyable and less monotonous.