Request a Candidate Export Integration

Securely send candidate data from JazzHR to another software or web service with our candidate export integration framework.  Integrate with your existing HRIS or payroll systems and background check or assessment providers to streamline your workflow.  Automate more of your hiring process by integrating with homegrown systems and generic task apps, like Zapier, Joynd, and others.

Candidate export integrations use candidate webhooks to move candidate information from one app to another. Building a a candidate export integration will require development participation from either an internal team and/or the third-party software or web service.

Candidate Export Integrations are included in the monthly rate for customers on JazzHR Pro.  Plus and Hero customers can add an unlimited number of candidate export integrations to your JazzHR account for just $29/month.

Ready to get started? Please provide your information, your desired integration, and a contact at the software or web service, and we'll be in touch with next steps!


Request a Candidate Export Integration