JazzHR simplifies hiring for franchisees

Find Talent

Post jobs everywhere qualified candidates are looking. JazzHR syncs with free job boards, paid job boards, and popular social media channels.

Involve Your Team

Leverage team knowledge and experience by inviting your co-workers to help you rank, track, and discuss top-tier candidates.

Grow Together

JazzHR makes it easy for you to determine your next great hire. You'll get all the necessary tools to make hiring a simple and repeatable process.

Instant Access

Get up and running faster

Great candidates don't last long and neither does our implementation process. With immediate access to our system, you can start sourcing, receiving, and reviewing resumes with just a few clicks.

Why do franchisees choose JazzHR for their hiring needs?

Because they need more time to focus on providing exceptional service while finding the right people to join their team.


Make JazzHR your own

From seasonal hires to franchised locations, each company has unique hiring needs. Our capabilities hit every stage of the hiring process so you can on-point with your employer brand.


Connected to HR tools

With scheduling, HRIS, branding, and even background check integrations, JazzHR ensures the entire process is seamless for both you and your candidates.

Customer First Support

Top rated customer support

Hiring and finding the right candidates is stressful, but your onboarding with JazzHR isn't. Your dedicated account manager to get you up to speed quickly and provide continued training.

Our Franchise Family is Growing

See why your peers trust JazzHR to staff their franchise locations.

Happy Customers

Don't take our word for it

See why our franchise customers love using JazzHR to recruit more effectively while saving time and money in the process.

Nikki Rimer

Best quarter of hiring

"We’ve had probably the best quarter of hiring that we’ve ever had as a team. Since we’ve deployed JazzHR, we’ve hired 65 new people."

Sarah Hoffman
Studio Owner

Single source of truth

“I don’t have to have 15 different tabs with 15 different sites. I have one place that is my end-all, be-all — my single source of truth”

Rachelle Benson
HR Director

Improve candidate experience

"JazzHR has helped Signal 88 streamline recruitment processes, improve the candidate experience and significantly increase the quality of our hires."