From job description through final offer, the candidate experience is crucial to filling your hiring pipeline.

Optimizing Your Candidate Experience

When it came to hiring, the employer used to have the upper hand. However, with unemployment at a record low, there are now more jobs openings than candidates to fill them. Employers feel pressure to offer the most enticing combination of compensation, benefits, and company culture to attract (and retain) top talent. As a result, the candidate experience is more important than ever.

What is candidate experience? In it's most simple definition, it is how job seekers perceive your brand throughout the hiring process. From job description through final offer, the candidate experience influences how prospective employees feel about you as an employer. Is the process easy and comfortable? Or is it difficult and frustrating? Their experience will not only inform whether or not they take the job, but also how they portray the company to their network of other prospective talent.

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