April - 2020

Jobs lost from the economy

- 701,000

The COVID-19 crisis has forced non-essential businesses of all sizes to temporarily close, leading to payroll cuts and rising unemployment. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a drop of 701,000 in payroll employment for March.


# of Jobs Added
Warehousing and Storage
+ 8,000
+ 2,000
+ 12,000
General Merchandise Retail
+ 10,000

Fresh Insights

It’s still important to engage with candidates even if you’ve frozen your hiring efforts for the time being.

Two out of three JazzHR customers say they’re still actively hiring. Whether you’re part of this group or not, it’s critical to stay top-of-mind with candidates through digital channels to maintain brand recognition once you’re ready to hire again.

As unemployment rises, more candidates will be vying for each open position - whether they’re qualified or not.

40% of JazzHR customers say that their greatest concern with hiring amid the COVID-19 crisis is candidate quality. Empower your team with the tools they need to effectively screen this growing candidate pool.


Virtual sourcing, screening, and onboarding solutions are now necessities.

If you aren’t already, reaching candidates through online channels is now essential. Over half of JazzHR customers are already using video interviewing, for example, in their recruitment process. Stay competitive by finding a solution that fits your unique needs.

Changes to your hiring processes will also affect existing employees and require them to adapt.

Over 80% of JazzHR customers have their teams now working remotely. Strategize with internal recruiting stakeholders to roll out new virtual hiring processes smoothly.