Create and send offer letters in minutes


Create and Send Offer Letters in Minutes

Embed tokened fields in JazzHR’s offer letter templates to easily generate letters on the fly.


Track Each Version of your Offer Template

See a history of your template so you know what’s happened and can revisit later.


Complete Offers and Onboarding Faster

Eliminate paperwork and digitize your offer acceptance and onboarding processes.

Did you know?

It takes 45 seconds to sign (electronically) and return a signed document with a smartphone app.

It takes several minutes to open an email attachment, print it, sign it, and fax it back (and that is assuming that the signer is near a printer and a fax machine). Get it done faster with eSign. Eliminate stacks of paperwork and completely digitize your offer acceptance and onboarding processes.


Add-on Module Pricing

You can add Offers & eSignatures functionality to our Plus plan only. Offers & eSignatures are included in our Pro Plan (up to 200 eSignatures per month). Additional eSignatures are available for purchase on both Plus and Pro.

Offers & eSignatures
Automate and digitize the entire new hire process.
on monthly plan

Add this module to:

Plus Plan

Add additional eSignature Packs to:
Plus Plan
Pro Plan 
This module includes:
  • eSignatures Integration
  • Document Storage and Organization
  • eTemplate Management
  • Enhanced Security Privileges
  • Offer Letter Generator
  • Offer Drafts and Version History
  • 200 eSignatures per month with the option to purchase more as needed
    • $59 for an additional 200 eSignatures per month
    • $99 for an additional 1000 eSignatures per month

Save Time and Eliminate Unnecessary Paperwork

Digitalize offer letters and simplify onboarding paperwork with Offers & eSignatures.

Happy Customers

Don't take our word for it

See why our customers love using JazzHR to recruit more effectively while saving time and money in the process.

Katie M.
A consistent process

The eSignatures feature makes signing offer letters and completing paperwork seamless, no matter which team members are involved.

Clark D.
Saves time on the first day

The ability to send eDocuments and take home documents to candidates prior to arriving for orientation saves roughly two hours during orientation.

Barb M.
Saves money

The eSignatures feature has allowed me to manage the onboarding process without another teammate and it's made our whole organization more efficient and aligned.