Simplify the user journey


A seamless experience

Create a seamless user experience between applications to stay focused on the tasks at hand.


Up your productivity

Not having to sign into multiple applications will save time and make your team more productive.


Stay safe and secure

Control access across your organization to keep sensitive information safe and sound.

Did you know?

The average person maintained 27 passwords in 2016, an increase from 6.5 in 2007

Entering one password saves time and ensures that working hours are used more efficiently. IT departments report that 30% of help desk calls are related to password reset issues.


Add-on Module Pricing

You can add SSO functionality to our Hero, Plus or Pro plans.

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Standardize security across your organization.
on monthly plan

Add this module to:

Hero, Plus or Pro Plans
This module includes:
  • Simplified password management
  • Full feature set of SSO providers
  • Access control tools

Standardize Security with Single Sign-On

Create a seamless user experience while staying safe and secure.